A lot of other DJ companies have a "stock list" of song selections - and thatís it.

We at Advanced Mobile DJs take the position that -

Itís your party and if you want a specific song played - you can have it!

Satisfying your needs is our #1 goal.

Here is how to send those special selections for use at your special event:

  • If you have a number of selections you’d like to hear - put MP3 files of the songs on a zip drive mail it to:

Advanced Mobile DJs
Attn: Chris King
12361 W. Quinn Dr.
Morrison, Colorado 80465

  • We can download your choices from our paid site at no extra cost, but if there is more than one version, we canít guarantee we will get the exact one you are looking for.

  • If you only have one or two songs, save time (and postage/hassle/etc.) and send them to us now! (Great for those last minute additions when there is no time for mailing them to us!)

Use this simple form to send your MP3 files (only) to us to include in your set:

Legal Notice: Any CDs, MP3 files or music in any other format supplied to Advanced Mobile DJs are used solely for presentation at a specific event. Under no circumstances are music files provided to us sold, redistributed or made available for download from this or any other website.

It is the responsibility of the client supplying these files to insure they were obtained legally and will hold harmless Advanced Mobile DJs in the event of copyright infringement or other issues.

Providing music in any format to Advanced Mobile DJs constitutes acknowledgement and agreement with these terms.

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